About Me

Hello and welcome! I am a Class of 2020 graduate of the University of Florida, and achieved my degree in Telecommunication Production, with a concentration in theatre production, video editing, and social media.

Born and raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, as an only child, I had to find creative outlets to keep myself entertained. My passion for sports, content creating, and all things Florida Gators related started at an early age. With this creative passion, I have transformed it into the woman I am today.

Top 5 fun facts:

  1. I loved taking my mother’s VHS video camera as a child and filming my family doing everyday activities.
  2. I’ve been on 15 cruises.
  3. I’m allergic to 6 different things: dogs, cats, apples, carrots, alcohol, and pollen.
  4. My favorite sports teams are the Florida Gators and the San Francisco Giants.
  5. I finally have an annual pass to Walt Disney World, and would love to travel to all the Disney parks around the world.