Device Overhaul

During COVID-19, there was a rush to get face masks, gloves, as well as other medical supplies to the public. A friend from high school, Tanner Stoneman, is the CEO of Device Overhaul, which is dedicated to A/V technical work. Due to the high demand of people needing PPE, he worked with suppliers in order to sell face masks and other supplies to those who needed them.

As a freelance graphic designer, I worked over 20 hours and long evenings creating and editing marketing materials that would be given to the public. These included on Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram, as well as businesses and hospitals. Below are a few designs.

Marketing graphic for social media.

Marketing graphic for resell / companies buying in bulk.
Thank you half page for those who bought masks.

Face shields spec sheet.

Yard sign used by businesses who had Device Overhaul masks.