Everyone Edits Differently…

About a year ago, I had a college senior reach out to me about a graduation photoshoot. It was a last minute photoshoot that she wanted done the next day, and luckily I had availability in my schedule to do so. Unfortunately the night before it had rained, so in the morning the area we wanted to shoot at was a bit foggy. Nonetheless, she wanted to power through instead of reschedule, and by the end of the shoot she seemed happy with the photos that she saw when I showed her via in camera.

Later that day, when I sent her the raw, unedited photos, she replied with “I don’t like them. They don’t look Instagram-y”. I explained to her that the conditions were subpar, so that’s why they look a bit “grainy” and offered to reshoot her grad session.

Two days later, I saw her graduation photos on Instagram, shot by a different photographer, with a preset filter on them.

Even though this was a year ago, it has still effected me to this date, which persuaded me to write this blog post. When I do a shoot (regardless of what it is), I send the unedited versions to my clients. If they want to edit the photo, they are welcome to do so. The way that I edit my photos can be different from someone else editing their photos. That is their stylistic choice.

I wanted to provide some examples of how people put preset filters on their photos and then “become Instagram worthy”.

With all this in mind:

  1. I know I am a good photographer. I am always learning on how to be a better photographer.
  2. “Instagram worthy” photos cannot be done in camera, unless you have a magical camera.
  3. The way I edit my photos can be very different from how other people edit their photos.
  4. Presets can be helpful, but you don’t have to conform to society and use them.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

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