Mega Millions = Mega Spending?

As my family keeps mentioning to me, the Mega Millions jackpot is up to $50 million (or the cash option of $32.4 million, if you roll that way).

If by a miracle I win the Mega Millions for the draw this Tuesday, here is my list / thought process of what I would do with that money.

After speaking with my mom about this as well, we both agreed that even before we collect the money, we would have the accountant, financial planner, and lawyer meet with me in the same room, discussing the obvious and necessary details. Next would be to update our home security. If the news is out, then you never know what is going to happen.

As we both love to travel, and her whole business runs around it, we agreed that we would then buy a trip. Where we go or what we do would be apart of the fun of deciding everything. Personally, a trip to Europe would be wonderful. Or, another goal would be to visit all of the Disney parks around the world. Having only been to Walt Disney World, this would be a great vacation to explore each location and compare everything to Orlando’s best.

The next on the list would be to fix up the house. I grew up in this house, and it needs a good update. Since it was built in the 70s, we have had the same appliances, same roof, same everything. A good sprucing up would be lovely, since we love the property we are on.

Finally, one of the last big ticket items that would happen would be the opportunity to go to grad school. Currently, I have been considering grad school, but I haven’t decided on anything. This win would solitify the thought of furthering my education, into something film, social media, or graphic design based. My mother also thought about heading back to school as well, most likely in a different field than mine. It would be slightly unusual for her to attend school with me, but also exciting at the same time.

Whether we win or not, the thought of it all would be thrilling. Let’s hope a miracle does happen.


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